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Monobloc Industrial Serie

Green-Pak is GREENFRIO's most advanced solution for industrial refrigerating projects.

Those monoblock refrigeration units can be adapted to all type of cold rooms, either tradinal or modular construction.

Backed by fifty years of experience in the sector and a policy of continuous improvement, Green-Pak system, compact or split version, ensures the highest level of efficiency and safety in refrigeration or freezing process based on seven fundamental principles:



Made with top of the line components and with lates technology. Tested in real operating conditions.
Green-Pak meets all electrical safety standards and for pressure equipment (European certificate PED 97/23/CE).
Green-Pak increases the useful life of the refrigeration circuit. Its solid casing protects the equipment friom the most extrem enviromental conditions.
Its high COP and large evaporating surface has a positive impact on the cost and quality on refrigerated or frozen products.
Wide range of models and versions, covering the entire range of refrigeration needs from -40ºC to +15ºC.
Controller sepcially develloped for communicating and control one or many Green-Pak units. Easy-to-install manage commands.



  • Simple installation. No machine room required.
  • Autonomous units charged with refrigerant,* tested, ran in and regulated in our facilities.
  • Minimum maintenance and charge of refrigerant.
  • Compact, Split and Ceilling versions.
  • Applications: processing rooms, refrigeration, storage or frozen food, freezing tunnels, etc.
  • Protection by thermal-magnetic relays.
  • Electronic oil pressure differntial swith.
  • External valves for pressure gauges.
  • Hot gas, electric or air defrosting.

 *See remarks BOX 450.


CF-1.0 control system: Complet control system designed specifically for Green-Pak on a programmable microprocessor.

It allows to control several option as start-uo, specific defrosting for each monoblock, sequential star-ups, comparison of number of operation hours for echa control.

Accepts communication with a central computre.*

* S60000W software works with Windows 98, 2000 y XP. Allows to control the desired parameters.


Green Pak models

Greenfrío offers 9 models of Green-Pak to cover a range of temperature from +15ºC to - 40ºC (cold room temperature).

Each model is offered with various refrigeration capacities in the monoblock, split and ceiling mounted versions to adapt to the requirement of each project.

GPA - High temperature
CPA - Alta temperatura

GPM - Medium temperature
CPM - Media temperatura

GPMH - High relative humedity 
CPMH - Humedad relativa alta

GPB - Low temperature
CPB - Baja temperatura
GPC - Very low temperature
CPC - Muy baja temperatura
GPTC - Freezing Tunnel
CPTC - Túnel de congelación
GPD - Two stage tunnel
CPDE - Túnel de doble etapa
GPMB - Medium low temperature
CPMB - Media baja temperatura
GPBM - Low medium temperature
CPBM - Baja media temperatura


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